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Made by dog lovers 

Hi! We are two siblings that have a lot in common: entrepreneurs, hard workers and above all, dog lovers! On the right you can meet our two furry friends.

By having a 14 year old Great Dane and a 4 year old Schnauzer we were always looking for supplements that would help our fur-babies look and feel great. But it was always a struggle, all supplements were divided in categories. If we wanted them to be calm, then they wouldn’t get the joint support they needed, and if they did, then they wouldn’t get the oils for their fur to be soft and shiny.

We started asking veterinarians the reason behind these divisions. Dogs need all those supplements, so why divide them? To anyone’s surprise the reason was… money (ugh!). Big companies create different product categories so they can charge more.


We weren't willing to spend more money and to be worrying about keeping track of which supplement we gave to each dog and which one they were missing… Nobody has time for that!

So we decided to develop an all-in-one supplement. We hired the most qualified team of veterinarians and dog-food experts in the United States to develop a perfect blend of natural, human-grade ingredients that were effective and didn’t cause any side effects, and after extensive research and testing One Bite was created!

One Bite has been a blessing for our dogs, and we are happy we can share it with you.

We want to return the love One Bite at a time!

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